At Drexel Technologies, we are dedicated to keeping our employees and community safe. Like many of you, our offices will be switching to essential-only staff. Despite this, we are dedicated to helping our customers in any environment, including the many of you who are now working from home. In order to help meet your project deadlines and equipment needs, we are providing this list of quick-links to use in order to contact our teams directly. During this time if you need our services, please contact us via the emails listed here.

Thank you and stay safe.

How to Upload Files:

We have two locations serving the greater Kansas City area and a third serving St. Louis, MO.

Please choose the location that is nearest to you.

If you need to upload files to our Online Plan Room, please choose the Lenexa location.

Trouble uploading files?

If you have any questions or experience problems while uploading your files, please call us at 913-371-4430 for assistance.